Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Little Too Many Things

tak tau la hari ni hari malang ke apa. sebab ad je good things taht happened to me today. according to chronology:

1- my lil kitty, Leo, died this morning. car accident. Happened when my mum wanted to go to work, and she basically didnt realized that Leo was near the tyre. Leo was actually chasing Gary, my other kitten and BANG!!!! she hit the car. yeah Leo is a girl. a cute siamese cat with blue eyes and long and thick fur. God i missed her. she's the cutest living thing ever, she share the rank with gary.

2- i went to class with mata yang bengkak dan merah kerana menangis.

3- mum picked me up and later we went shopping. Parksons Extreme Warehouse Sale. Parksons Ria at Kuantan Plaza is going to close, repalced by Mydin. that's what i heard from the salesgirl. i dont know. but who cares rite? so i bought myself two handbags, which i loooooovveeeee them and my mum bought a handbag and a blouse. when shopaholics met........ we're planning to go again tomorrow sebab tadi orang ramai gila.

4- i went to see a dentist, government clinic, to do some scaling. Damn it's hurt. my gingiva was bleeding like hell. the culcus was not properly removed, there is no root planning, and the small2 pieces of calculus were at my embrassure, she didnt clen them! so im not happy with my teeth. thanks to the dentist

5- i wanted to find another kitten, so that Gary could play with, tapi tak jumpa yang berkenan di hati. they have persians, mostly. i love Siamese and Tabbys. tak pe la.

and so that's it. im feeling uncomfortable with my mouth, my teeth. URRGGGHHHH!!!!
i'm going to bring Gary to see the vet tomorrow, for vaccination. who says cats dont neet vaccination? or vaccination are only for humans? well i tell you what, cats and many other animals are living things too.. they'll fall sick when it's time. better prevent than cure kan?