Tuesday, April 16, 2013

analogi sebuah KEHIDUPAN

life is so much like your're playing see-saw; sometimes you'll be on top, sometimes you will be at the bottom.

just when you think that you're on top of the world-like you own everything, you can see everything clearly from your point of view, suddenly something is taken away from you (say trust, belongings, the person so dear to you) and next thing you know, you're at the bottom-so hopeless and so not cool. you try to get up, you want to be on top again. you kick your feet on the ground and there you are, exuberantly up in the air enjoying your victory.

that's life you know.

if you do not try anything to rise up again after every meltdown and be proud of yourself for what you have been through or keep on regretting things that happened around you, then you can just stay down there hoping someday someone will come by and help you out. yes they'll help you but are you going to help yourself?

you can never expect to be on top or at the bottom like all the time. rule of see-saw (as proposed by moi =P ) if you play alone, you'll always stay on the ground. if you are always on top, you're just selfish. if you're in between, then you're just plain boring.

there's no fun in playing the see-saw if you're all alone or you're see-saw is not moving, right?

im so friggin happy for you mummy guppy! =D remember, no more smoking and drinking after this. its not good for the baby. =P

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Hanih Borhan said...

Dah lama tak main see-saw...

Dah lama tak pi playground :p

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