Friday, December 23, 2011

no surgery please

6 months ago, i was diagnosed with URTI. the doc said there was a white spot at my throat. i dont know what happened back then i didnt asked her the exact area and i didnt even checked the white spot after getting back from the clinic. i was given amoxicillin.

3 weeks ago, i was diagnosed with URTI-again. i was given amoxicillin-again. i had a white spot that cant be scrape off at my left tonsil. and, it was swollen-again. recurrent?? i have no idea!

until now, the white spot remains in its position. other area of the tonsil shows sign of new white spots developing far back down, towards the esophagus.

burning sensation upon swallowing, ear ache, headache, and sometimes i felt like there's something stuck in my throat.

3-4 days ago, there was pus coming out from the tonsil.

damn i hate this.

im going to kuantan specialist hsptl tomorrow morning around 10am. hope everything is fine. hope they will give me 2nd line antibiotic. hope there is no need for any surgical treatment. hope its not something contagious.

doakan sy xde pape. paling penting xnk tonsillectomy!!

ohh dear God, please save me!!

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